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    Restless explorer, free mind, curious soul

    I was born in 1990s. A girl with a fearless heart.


    I was brought up in North part of China, Taiyuan. Now live in South part of China, Guangzhou. I received my college education in East part of China, Hangzhou. I devote my passion to Economics.


    My life is a trip, and it will never end!

  • Education

    a way to fulfill...


    Candidate for PhD in Economics, HKUST, expect 2018

    Master of Science in Economics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2014

    Bachelor of Science in Economics, With finance major, Zhejiang University, 2013

    Visiting Student and Research Collaborator, Princeton University, Economics Department, 2016

    Exchange program, University of Manchester, 2011

    Secondary School, Shanxi Experimental Secondary School, 2009


  • Honors and Research Fund

    Graduate Studies Scholarship

    Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (31,250 USD pa)

    HKUST Overseas Research Awards in 2016 (6,200 USD)

    David Pearce Scholarship

    MSc Scholarship

    Research Grant

    Research Funding from the Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University (3,146 USD)

  • Research

    Think deeper

    Research Area

    Macroeconomics, business cycle, financial frictions


    This paper mainly analyzes the determinants of China listed firms' corporate savings. Following previous researches, this project will further dig into variables related to macro policy volatility, industry-level volatility and firm-level volatility. 


    Read full paper

    Coauthor with Xiaoxiao HU


    This paper is intended to sort out a potential channel to account for the relative size switch of financial services, majorly from either banks or stock markets, as the economy develops. Especially as industry structure upgrades. 


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    Seminar Presentation

    Conference on Deepening Economic Reforms (jointly held by Stockholm School of Economics and Peking University)

  • Academic Appointment

    Teaching assistant appointment

    TA for Econ 5110 Managerial Microeconomics in 2014 Fall Semester

    TA for Econ 2174 Mathematics for Economists in 2015 Fall Semester

  • Miscellanous

    Life is just so wonderful, never stop exploring...


    I like acting, this is our graduation mini movie. 


    The yellow dressed girl is the real-life one who spent her 4 year college life dream, love, confuse, and search. The white dressed girl is the figural youth of yellow dressed girl. The youth sometimes pushes her to limits, sometimes tells her to enjoy the moment, sometimes let her taste solitude, sometimes gives her best of friendship. When the time for memory comes, she will thank her youth, for it took her exploring this world, add color to all dull routines.

    Youth in Shadow Poster


    Direct: MING FANG

    Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford(FACES)

    I’m the president of FACES (Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford) Zhejiang University chapter from 2011 to 2012. In this organization, I participated and organized, found my connection with the world beyond.


    *FACES is a non-profit student organization that carries the mission of bringing together future leaders of China and the U.S. Mainly focus on political issues.

    UG Hall tutor

    I'm also a UG hall tutor for UG Hall VI in HKUST. Being able to share my attitudes towards life and help students from various background is another way to fulfil my social value.

  • Contact

    Email: fzhouad@ust.hk

    Office: LSK Rm 5067-29